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Our mission is to promote, manage, develop, and provide talent in our local area.

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Talent Management and Development Services

  • Talent Management
  • Movement Training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Modeling
  • Acting


Let us help you to be your best!

Artistic & Personal Management

Performance Coaching

Acting & Modeling & Pageantry

Movement Training

EJMP accepts clients (amateur & professional based on an interview) who possess the talent, dedication, and interest to work hard to develop their abilities to compete in the industry. We take an honest, professional, and dynamic approach to training and development with a level of commitment that is consistent with success. Quite simply, EJMP will help build the self-confidence, movement and deportment for those who enjoy performance and/or presenting themselves as a hobby or just want to look good.EJMP was established to meet the need and to fill the void that exists in Charlottesville for talent, models and actors needing legitimate, qualified, and honest advice necessary to better their chances of making it in the work, beauty, fashion and entertainment industries in the smaller, local markets.

EJMProductions provides consulting, training and development in acting, modeling, choreography, pageantry, makeup, and presentation skills. Our services also include Image Consulting, Production Services, and Talent Management.

Our Talent Management services help talent manage their business to find and keep work. EJMP is available to manage talent (women, men, and children) throughout Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.

Our classes and workshops focus on Acting Basics, Audition Basic, Tips & Techniques, On-Camera Basics, Commercials, and Cold Reading.

Stop in and give us a try. EJ's WOW techniques will help to take you to the next level. You'll get loads of audition tips and valuable insight in all aspects of your training, development, and management.

What Our Clients Are Saying


 "Good teachers are hard to find... thanks EJ for helping me follow my passion after seeing you perform and studying with you!"


When I perform dance and acting in class or on stage, EJ has taught me to put my personal feelings in it and I feel good when I perform because I'm free and relaxed... and once its all over, I feel so good!"  Sepia Member


"Dancing and acting on stage or in class feels good to me. I am free and relaxed and my character comes through. I learned all I know about dance and acting from a wonderful instructor. Good teachers are hard to find. Thanks EJ for helping me follow my passion by seeing you in 'Jar The Floor' at Live Arts.