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We feel, we move, we do... 


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    Sepia, A Renaissance Theater, is a nonprofit dance theater group.  Its goal is to foster & promote the performing arts with an emphasis on people of color from diverse socio-economic groups including inner city neighborhoods in the Charlottesville and surrounding regions. It is a grass roots creative outlet for talented performers who wish to reflect the values, culture, and experiences of African-Americans and people of color.

    SRT will fulfill this mission by developing a Repertory Ensemble of local performers in theater, dance, improvisation and music; sponsoring projects in the form of studio and staged performances, master classes, and workshops; and promoting the work of local playwrights, directors and choreographers.


    ·Sepia Theater is a local dance/theater company led by Edna-Jakki Miller. Ms. Miller is a local actor, dancer, choreographer, teacher, director, and producer.

    -Founded in 2004, SRT grew out of discussions among its co-founders Edna-Jakki (E-J) Miller, Founder and Director of Experience Dance Theatre, and William (Bill) James, Sr. when Mr. James asked Ms. Miller to perform the role of Rose in one of his plays “What is The Meaning of Life” at Live Arts.

    -Ms. Miller wanted to create a vehicle to develop and produce future productions and approached Mr. James with the idea. After some discussion, they both realized that their ideas of the concept of a theatre that would reflect more of the lives of people of color in its works coincided.

    ·They believed it could be realized by working together in collaboration to synergize the resources required to realize this collective vision.

    -They both felt that this idea could best be realized by activating the theater component of Experience Dance Theatre (EDT) which was already established as a not-for-profit organization under the leadership and direction of Ms. Miller.

    ·Mr. James is no longer associated with Sepia Theater. His involvement ended after his last work was presented by Sepia. "What Is The Meaning of LIfe" of produced and directed by Edna-Jakki Miller and performed by EDT and Sepia cast members.


We feel, we move, we do...

  1. Membership in Sepia/EDT is open to all members of the community (all ages, levels of experience, and talents).
  2. Membership year spans January through December.
  3. Membership is free to all members of the community.
  4. Membership benefits include:
    1. Quarterly meetings.
    2. Discounts on performances, classes and workshops.
    3. Submission of you work for production (plays, poetry, dance, etc.)
    4. Online newsletter and website presence.
    5. Guest speakers (1-2 times per year)

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We thank you for your support of local performances and helping to give local artists

 an opportunity to learn, cultivate and present their works... we truly appreciate your attendance!