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EJ's Motto: "Do what you love and love what you do!"

You can FEEL GOOD and LOOK GREAT... 24/7...

over and over again...

 From the inside out.. body, mind, and soul... for real!

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Feeling Good & Looking Great! is the cable show for those who already believe that they have "it" and have "turned it on"...but if you have started on that path to feeling and looking your best, then come on in and turn it on with us...this is the place when you are looking for ideas, tips, information and advice for creating a lifestyle that is custom fit for you and only you!


The show and EJ's work is devoted for increasing vitality, mobility and longevity for all. Edna-Jakki has a unique insight for blending the internal and external and integrating the three energy centers of your being: mind, body, and soul.

It's About…



Each show features a personally designed workout from DanceFit’s FitBody and PersonalFit Training Systems.  She is the creator of the original DanceFit and Owner of DanceFit Studio in Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia… where she helps you work your body out right!  Creating and maintaining the right formula for assuring a lifelong system of moving has been part of her work for over 30 years.


Every show features a person and/or group who is living their life on their own terms.  They have come to this point using their own personal formulas for success: managing and balancing all that life has thrown their way.  It may not be perfection even for them but they have come to terms with their personal mission and life path. We cover issues and hot topics related to being the best that you can be.


This segment reaches us at a conscious level where we come face to face with our responsibility and actions around choice.  Choosing how we live our lives and bring together all aspects of our living is the focus of this segment.  E-J uses talking from the heart, interviews, and other methods of helping to bring mindfulness to the front of our thinking, being, eating, drinking, moving and living.


Feeling Good & Looking Great!

Theme Song

Written by Edna-Jakki Miller

Arranged and Recorded by Michael Randolph

of MR Enterprise, Charlottesville, VA

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Feeling Good & Looking Great!


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